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Tutor Trove has been hands down the best choice for online tutoring for our company. We have always been interested in offering online services, but we were never satisfied by simply doing "telephone tutoring." Tutor Trove has fixed that by giving us a customized platform. Their tools are fantastic and customer service is even better." -Jay Bacrania, Co-founder, Veritas Tutors, LLC


Tutor Trove is a big win for both us and our clients. From a business perspective, Tutor Trove makes a ton of sense because we can service more clients every day without expanding our current space or paying more rent. From a customer service perspective, it's great because students can access our tutors anytime, without leaving their home." -Trey Billings, Co-Founder of Freudigman & Billings, LLC


The team at Tutor Trove have single handedly changed our entire business. The ingenious concept of facilitating online notes is an aspect I have not seen in any other product. The logistical side of the software is as sophisticated as it is seamless. We are able to schedule, bill and archive all of our company's activities. The only thing superior to the product itself is the constant and meticulous technical support and collaboration the team offers. This young company and their software is nothing short of remarkable." -Gil Gibori, Director of Chicago Academic

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