Tutor Trove
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Manage your users

Every tutor, student, and parent is unique-- we get that. Give each of your users an individual account, complete with:

  • Secure login credentials
  • Flexible permissions and security levels
  • Powerful Relationships, like parent-student & student-tutor
  • Custom payment & pricing brackets

Simplified Scheduling

Avoid conflicts by giving each of your tutors a personal calendar that you can also edit. All scheduling ties right into billing, so you never need to enter a session in two places. Centralized scheduling = smooth operations.

  • Automatic Conflict Detection
  • Fast, easy-to-learn interface
  • Flexible event types: tutoring & admin time, outside appointments, case review
  • (optional) Let clients request sessions with a tutor directly

Online Tutoring

Of course, we give you easy access to our state-of-the-art online whiteboard. Use it for online tutoring, or just in a session to produce a graph or to write down a note you want to remember later.

  • Intuitive drawing tools
  • Inline text & equations
  • Drag & drop graphing
  • Voice & text chat

Painless Billing

We make billing easy, with customized pay and price brackets to fit every one of your users. No more headaches figuring out how much you're owed, or how much you owe your tutors-- we do all the calculations for you.

We also make it easy to get paid. Collect payments directly using PayPal or your favorite payment processor.

Export Your Data

You'll collect a ton of data through your site, and we give you a number of options for exporting that data. We know how important your data is, and make sure you can get it in whatever form you need.

Want to track sessions in quickbooks? We do that.
Want to automatically generate paper time sheets? We do that.
Want to export data to Excel for tracking purposes? We do that.

Your Company, Your Style

Brand your site with our flexible admin controls. You choose your logo, your favicon, your color scheme and your menu style. You can even set up the website from your own domain, all from our simple administrative interface.

We host your site, manage bandwidth, uptime, performance, scheduled backups, and all of the other hassles of running a complex web platform. But with custom branding, custom services, custom pricing, and even a custom URL, your site is truly yours. It's the best of both worlds.